BORDERLANDS 2 | Fibber VS Sandhawk! Which is better???


Today Ill be comparing the Redundant Fibber and the Sandhawk in Borderlands 2! These are not the most common guns to farm with or use against the Invincibles. Both of them do really well and both are really beast guns. I prefer the Sandhawk with my Siren (main character) some prefer the Fibber. Ive heard a Gunserker with 2 fibbers is amazing! Let me know and Thanks for Watching!!!

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  1. You know I still watch these to this day even if I seen them already. I'll see you one day, and I'll take B3 with me.

  2. Funny as fuck this was recommended XD. Been binging borderlands 2 last couple days. Farming pyro Pete XD

  3. This came again in my recommended, anyway.
    1. Sandhawk is good for medium to close range and large enemies. It sucks at enemies that are very agile and erratic moving like the flying dragons, even with the flaying prefix it wont cut it.
    2. Ricochet fibber is best at Gaige and I dont get the why hate with the shotgun fibber, it does spectacular damage at enemies when used as it is designed to – close range. I got very lucky and have a fire redundant shotgun fibber and it tears through flesh mobs without the bee.

  4. Not sure why it was recommended now, but miss you a lot Yote. You'd probably be going crazy for B3 right about now

  5. Everyone let get this guy to 1 million subs come on guys so he could be happier than ever

  6. Mate borderlands 3 is coming and you have paved the way for the borderlands utube atleast for me u wont get to read this but ill leave it here. Rest well my friend fly with the sand hawks

  7. Yesterday I watched the borderlands 3 gameplay event and I asked myself why yote wasn't invited to stream it… Now I know. R.I.P

  8. Ummmm in the sandhawk you switched to non element but the fiberr you didnt change it hmmmmmmm i smell somthin


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