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This is the new BMW X4. It’s fair to say that the X4 possesses many of the great features as seen with the X3, such as the nice interior and infotainment system. But with a price that’s only a couple of thousands pounds more expensive, is there really any need to choose the X4 apart from the coupe-style sloping roofline? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review and see for yourself!

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  1. Complaining about minor things and sometimes about things which are not even annoying just for the sake of convention……. is bad.

  2. This isn't an X3 but rather a mini X6, both of which are awesoooooome, although the new X6 rear isn't as good, I prefer the X4 rear or the old X6 rear

  3. The back seats are absolute rubbish unless you are less than 170cm tall, I am 179 and I can't properly fit inside. They should have made the seats so they could be lowered.
    Talking about my friend's first gen one.

  4. If this asshole touch my car I brake he's fingers, he is definitely a bmw hater, look how he handles the car, fucking animal

  5. 2:54min. – you should have let the door open because then there would be much more light in the room to show the distance form head to roof. When you closed it, everything was to dark.

  6. I actually really love this car. Looks fab. I would prefer the Merc glc, but this one seems like the more "practical" version of the gle and x6.

    Shame it doesn't come in a hybrid though.

  7. I paid over 70,000 2019 x4 m package! I’m sick of my chose first the ac went out completely in the shop over a wk this happen 2nd month now 6 months later the all we’ll drive has gone out and currently in the shop. This is such a disappointing choice we made and at this point I would say run from all of them since all the models are similar to each other. Jack pcb


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