Black Market Brawlers – New Game Mode! – League of Legends


Black Market Brawlers Gameplay, New Game Mode In League of Legends!
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  1. since im a casual player and i dont like any game mode no hate, i like brawlers so i feel like they should add it to rotating queue

  2. i don't get the point of the new items. If they are balanced then shouldn't they be integrated into the normal game? 
    being able to buy you own minions is something I have wished for them to add in an update but this is just like a DLC slap by adding something, but not really.

  3. The Phantom Hit of Sated Devourer item takes precedence over Typhoon Claws item, effectively disabling Typhoon Claws' passive. Be wary when purchasing both.

  4. Lol that Katerina was soooooo freaking salty. It was funny that he was just ignoring her the whole time XD

  5. I don't really see why people think Flesheater is good on anything other than people that build very few damage items. Other than the okayish sustain that falls off in usefulness late if you are squishy, especially compared to other sources of it, it takes far too long for it to even bring as much damage to your kit as most other items you would build. Hell, Tiamat does more damage in that slot until around the 11 min mark. And think of all the things you are kicking out of your last slot for this thing that just grants flat AD and relies on you being able to farm the lane uninterrupted for half the game to get good damage on it.

  6. tell us how to play it, give some advice. Nobody is going to watch this just to watch you play this game, we are here to find out more about it.


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