BEST OF GAVIN COOPER! | Arcade Spirits – Gavin Cooper Route – Full Game


01:01 First Day of Meeting Gavin Cooper
07:53 Selling Mr. Moopy to Percy
09:42 Midday Work Meeting
14:58 Recovering the Stolen Tickets
21:18 After Work Meeting
26:55 Heading to Hamza’s Auction
36:24 Arriving at Donnawood
38:05 Networking with Arcade Rivals
51:38 The Auction Begins
01:10:13 The Drive Back
01:11:49 Maxing It Up with Gavin
01:22:04 Managing at Funplex Rising
01:25:19 Break at Hole Story
01:31:57 Arriving at the Beach
01:32:40 Playing Volleyball with Gavin and Queen Bee
01:40:45 Playing Skeeball with Gavin and Ashley
01:46:07 Beach Date Night with Gavin
02:03:52 Meeting Deco Nami at Deco’s Palace
02:10:07 Dealing with Deco Nami Again
02:12:43 Iris Talking with Gavin’s Iris
02:13:28 Gavin Visits Juniper and I at Our Appartment
02:15:02 Wakervention
02:20:42 Naomi’s and Gavin’s Big Fight
02:27:22 Percy and Gavin Talking Finances
02:30:29 Mrs. D’Famme & Chaos Arrives
02:38:06 Gavin Visits Me at the Hospital
02:45:07 Planning A Game Plan
02:50:39 Gavin and Teo Talk to the Police
03:00:02 Sue’s Secret Is Revealed!
03:04:14 Face Off Against Sue and Deco Nami
03:07:25 Ending

What’s up, Sweetie-pies? This video is full of Gavin Cooper moments from Arcade Spirits from his game route. I’ve have only done the reading of the dialogue and I’ve only skipped parts that didn’t involve Gavin and if you wish to see the full story of this game, then please click on the Arcade Spirits playlist to see the whole dating experience. I apologize for the very, very late delay for this video and will be doing the other routes right away.

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