A once in a lifetime look at some beautiful rare game roosters. As I visit a friend who raises rare hens and roosters. Every once in a while I will actually incubate these eggs just for him. Some of these birds as sold for over a $1000. If you enjoy this video please hit that subscribe and like button as we continue to post more videos that we know you will enjoy
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  1. Stop doing that shit and it won’t make him worse, if you raise him good and not flick stuff at him he won’t be mean

  2. Yep I like to help people with game chickens as much as I can and u r supposed to trim there spurs to so it don’t hurt ur hens

  3. I saw in another video how some use female geese instead of roosters. Some municipalities outlaw roosters due to their noise. While a female goose is aggressive to shoo away chicken predators, they also provide another source of eggs too.


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