Barbados PM writes Trudeau urging him to allow travel to Caribbean


Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley has written to Justin Trudeau asking Canada to discuss reopening travel to the Caribbean to help island nations that rely on tourism.

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  1. I am from there and I am like a fish out of water having family and friends in both places makes covid19 a nuisance but I understand we have to follow public health guidelines to stay safe May God bless both countries which I love dearly.❤️✌️

  2. As someone who has lived both in Canada and in Barbados, and who has many friends and relatives in both countries, I fully endorse Prime Minister Mia Mottley's call for Canadians to resume travel to Barbados and the Caribbean, which remain among the safest countries/regions in the world with the best weather year-round. Barbados for instance is far safer than Canada, which continues to have DAILY COVID-19 cases and deaths versus zero new cases in many Caribbean islands for weeks to months.

  3. Pffff. Blacks hate Canadians. Look at Black immigrants in Canada. They came to hate. Why should we help?

  4. Girl (CBC), Canada illegally arrest other people because the Trump plays the Colonial Bullies Game and expect Canada to be recognized as a nation for rule of law ?

  5. The Canadians are a dependable power and can be of help to smaller nations and is a great power needed in the fight against the Corona virus and the gobbling up of supplies by Chinese citizens who are sending them back to China.

  6. literally no one cares about UN anymore they lost respect decades ago. All of Latin America, Caribbean, half of African countries and most of Asian countries don’t even view UN as legitimate organization so why does Canada? ?

  7. The only problem is COVID don't care about regions and dependencies? It doesn't matter what people want! Find new ways to survive….you have to. It's not an option.

  8. no. we have plenty of places here in Canada that rely on tourism. Those places should be opened first when it makes sense to do so.

  9. Excellent interview PM Mottley projects a very comfortable and competent approach to the subjects covered 😇😇👍🏽👍🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽thanks for sharing

  10. Very disappointed in the pronouncements of Mia Mottley on behalf of Caribbean SIDS on Climate Change. Canada and the Caribbean have differentiated responsibilities regarding their commitments to the UNFCCC. Canada has not been fulfilling its comments to reduce its Green House Gas emissions as well as provide funding, technology transfer and capacity building to Caribbean SIDS to deal with the effects of Climate Change. To say she does not have any concerns about the non fulfillment of Canada's commitments to the UNFCCC is bad representation.

  11. Barbados the fiscal paradise island??? How about they give us the money Canadian companies hide there, then will talk?

  12. I doubt if Canada is going to be elected. There are issues regarding foreign affairs that Canada is following and quite a few countries do not agree with.


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