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Played By 12 year old Joseph
From deep in the arctic circle, a young Moose rises up from the snow. You must help him survive and thrive against the harsh winter conditions. It is your role to help him prepare for life in the real world. Help him defend his territory. He’s ready to fish and hunt down rabbits to build up his strength, but you must guide him. When he is big enough, the Moose will be ready to take on all the giant enemy bosses.. This 3D wild animal simulator allows you to take control of this fearless Arctic Moose as he freely roams near and far to hunt his enemies. Help him grow up to fight the big animal bosses. Find your 2 mates and start your thriving family. The realistic 3D map is massive so take your time to explore all the areas to find all the bosses. This is animal simulation at its best.
The goal of the game is quite clear : defeat all 5 bosses. The 5 bosses include Arctic Fox, Polar Bear, Orca, Sea Lion, and Wolf. Of course we threw in some eagles and rabbits for more challenges. The more you hunt and play, the more your animal grows, the stronger he becomes. Packed with super fun sounds for your gaming enjoyment. Survival is the name of the game. Yes, I know moose are not carnivores, but this is how we decided to design the game.

Top Game Features:
— Huge Open Ice and Tundra World 3D Map
— Defeat all 5 Arctic Beasts
— Fast paced and Continuous action game play
— Refill your energy by hunting and fishing
— Survive the arctic elements like snow and freezing rain
— Bosses include Polar Bear, Wild White Fox, Orca, Sea Lion, and Arctic Moose
— Dynamic weather and time of day. The longer you survive, the more changes you will experience.
— Fun animations and sound effects
— Epic Action and Adventure awaits!

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