Arcade Game: Scramble (1981 Konami)


A shooting game where you take control of a spaceship and has to fight their way through 6 different levels. Contact with either scenery of objects results in an instant loss of life. The player’s Scramble ship is armed with both a blaster and bombs; the blaster is used for enemy ships, while the bombs fall down to attack ground-based targets and to collect fuel from fuel dumps. The fuel dumps are of particular importance as the player ship’s fuel gauge constantly decreases as the player progresses, and the only way to fill it back up is by bombing the fuel tanks that are located throughout the levels.

Fuel usage increases as the game progresses, until fuel usage actually outstrips the amount of fuel dumps available and the game becomes impossible.

Scramble is considered a classic and was the world’s first ever ‘multi-level’ shoot-em-up.

Other names for this game are Bomber, Explorer, Impacto, and Strafe Bomb.

Played on Final Burner Alpha emulator.


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  1. Friend of mine just bought this for me as a reissue for the 2600 from AtariAge! Can’t wait to dust off the ole system and play! Never played it back in the day. Looks like Super Cobra with spaceships.


  3. This was a great game, one of the original classics. It was very cool to find it appearing at my dad's rugby club bar, though I never got more than half-way through the levels!

  4. My favourite coin-ops that I played like mad back in the 80s: 'Mr Do, Mr Do's Castle, Mr Do's Wild Ride, Gorf, Tron, Repulse, Marble Madness, Gunsmoke, Defender, Berzerk, Xybots, Galaxian, Pac Man, Galaga, Pole Position, Donkey Kong, Hunchback, Scramble, Pengu, Dig Dug, Ghouls and Ghosts, Joust, Track and Field, Moon Cresta, Phoenix, Tutankhamen, Hang-On, Space Panic. They were just some of the coin-ops I used to love, back in the 80s.

  5. Brings back so many memories of playing this in my local arcade. Never get those days back again. We were so lucky as kids back then.

  6. The local arcade in our town had a Thanksgiving Day Tournament in 1982 or ‘83 on this game. I won $50 and a turkey!

  7. I used to love playing this game in the early eighties but it was so damn frustrating. I never did make it to the end. I'd get to the maze but would crash in to the wall. Didn't stop me from trying again, though. That and Frogger were my faves from back then.

  8. Just downloaded this on my Android and only played a few times and I feel like I'm 13 again this was definitely one of my favorite games. I'm about ready to go out and buy a old school joystick and hook it to my 60 in. Anyone out there what's the cheapest way to do this ???
    I'm taking care of my elderly mother after major back surgery going to be here for 6 months or more 😔 finding these old school games brings me much happiness, any feedback greatly appreciated 🙄 yeup I'm a caveman with today's video games. I pretty much played 80s games from 10 to 18 then got into surfing and construction, stopped playing.. now that I have this down time with my mother it's a great way to pass time, she even remembers some of them cuz she bought me my first Atari 🙇‍♂️✌

  9. I was good at this game, and often finished it. The bad part was the reward for finishing was gtfo. Game over for winning. Didn’t make a lot of sense.

  10. Hi Steve if you ever look at this. Remember the chip shop in Leytonstone? Any UFOs recently? You still ride? Oh my, those were the days.

  11. I had one of these my dad bought me for the basement. It was the actual arcade game. That was unheard of in 1985! The game wasn’t that old. The colors were amazing. One of the few games I’ve ever finished in my life.

  12. Why was William Tell Overture so popular?

    This and the original Thunder Force used it, as well as many video games from the early 80s.

    Was it because it's public domain music?

  13. In the UK we paid 10p a time…I liked Scramble, but it was very difficult- and yet it is far easier than Williams "Defender" with which it has certain similarities.

  14. Years ago, I got my kids the 1982 Arcade Classics cartridge, for Gameboy Advance (oh come on, it was really for me), and they had Scramble on that. I loved playing that game. I remember hounding my dad for quarters, at a Yogi Bear campground, so I could spend all day in the air conditioned game room and play Scramble. The heck with all of that swimming, fishing and camping stuff, they've got a game room!!!! I guess I can see why kids don't go outside and play anymore. If it didn't cost me a quarter a pop, or I had unlimited finances, I'd have probably never seen that light of day either.

  15. Scramble had the some of best color graphics and sound effects of all the 1981 games. Really fun game to play although I never made it all the though the maze part at the end. Thanks for the upload!


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