Arc Welder Android Apps/Games Playing Test Review


ARC Welder arrived on April 2, 2015 Thursday — It is a developer tool in the Chrome store. You can try out your own Android apps on Chrome OS or with the Chrome browser on windows. We tried it, and some of those Android apps work pretty well & some not working.
ARC Welder only supports one app at a time, we can’t run or install a multiple of Android apps simultaneously, as you might do on your smartphone. When you open the app, it will ask you for the name of the APK you wish to run—and close any other Android apps that it has running
Arc Welder Apps & Games Testing Review-

For testing- I tried 8 Android Apps or Games with Arc Welder-
1- Angry Birds
2- Candle Free
3- Burn The Rope
4- Subway Surfers
5- Hill Climb Racing
6- UC Browser
7- Tube Mate
8- Candy Crush.
After Testing-
Working Apps or Games- Angry Birds, Burn The Rope (Working but we can’t play because PC doesn’t has Gyroscope or Accelerometer), Hill Climb Racing, Tube Mate, Candy Crush.
Not working – Candle Free, Subway Surfers, UC Browser.
Conclusion – Arc Welder is good program but many apps not working now. We need to wait for future updates.
For Downloading & Installing instruction Arc Welder on windows Also Watch this video-

How To Play Arc Welder-

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