Anima Mundi (full movie 2011) – peak oil, climate change, permaculture and Gaia theory


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Anima Mundi is the first documentary by director, Peter Charles Downey (2011). An independent, unique and interesting feature on peak oil, climate change, permaculture and Gaia theory. Starring David Holmgren, Vandana Shiva, Noam Chomsky, Michael C. Ruppert, Michael Reynolds (earthships), John Seed, Dr. Mark O’Meadhra, Dr. Christine James and Permablitz. HD 77 minutes. Anima Mundi is Latin for ‘soul of the world’.

Archival footage sourced from Prelinger Archives.

Music by Peter Charles Downey, Tom Fitzgerald, Michelle Morgan, The Jed Rowe Band and The Little Yarra Ensemble..

You may see this documentary uploaded elsewhere on youtube but this channel is run by the folks who made the film.

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  1. nobody can speak truthful the native americans and natives on islands america .kept the land perfect clean and full of life also they never had 9 children in one family. after the whites with religion lies poison came then nigros . all was hell for natives .many farmer now has over 60.000 hectares of land each .a good start will be giving all crown land back to native americans.

  2. Fantastic movie! How can this have only 60K views in 6 years, while countless video clips of semi-naked pop stars and their terrible music have 1 billion and more? Well, I guess the ego is still winning over the consciousness… at least in the relatively materially rich part of human population…

  3. Good and interesting program. I would like to suggest that the background music be toned down so that the speakers can be heard more clearly and that subtitles be put on for those of us who are old and/or deaf.

  4. How can "Fossil Fuel" be drilled from deeper than where the Fossils are located? Deepest Fossils are at 1600 feet but the deepest oil wells are at 3200 feet. Is oil really a Fossil fuel?
    According to "Expanding Earth Theory" our planet is growing in diameter, the fault lines are creating new ground under Oceans, not eating it away in any places…if it´s true oil could be the "blood" of our planet.

  5. Thank you! to everyone who spent their time & energy to create this Documentary.
    We need to spread this information throughout the world!
    We are all family!
    We are all children of the universe!
    Show each other unconditional love. 💘

  6. I've really noticed the brightening of the sun. I use to go around saying so. Every morning it just feels out of wack, and far too intense than I can remember as a child.

  7. Forget "changing capitalism". You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear. We can do a lot better than capitalism, and for all but the last few hundred years of our species' existence, we have been. We don't innovate because of capitalism, we innovate because we're intelligent and that's what intelligence does. Human society is us – we can build whatever sort of society we want.

  8. бля а на руском есть уже скок по нете лазю не могу найти етот док фильм

  9. Some very important messages contained in this film. Thank you for making it freely available – added to favourites!

  10. Interesting, I arrived here because the concept of "anima mundi" or "world soul" as far as I know is exactly what the Sumerians believed in. The Sumerians' "gods", who where aliens taught the Sumerians science (real science as in Nicola Tesla ether physic science) as well as spirituality. Their concept of spirituality perfectly fits Nicola Tesla's ether physics (magnetism ("moving" ether), electricity, aura, chakra) as well as the spiritual concept the Mayan people.
    Funny that even though in the last decade there where many children who could remember unknown details above their last lives which where proven to be true, the majority of the world's religions still say "there is no rebirth". Even the concept of souls is completely flawed in nowadays religions. You are born and get a soul… right. The truth of course is, you are a soul and you incarnate in a body which has a compatible magnetic field aka aura – i.e. a compatible level of spirituality.

  11. Very interesting video, and quite helpful.
    Christine James shouldn't talk about economics until she understands what "capitalism" means. It merely means free trade. Anything less than free trade is coercion = trade with permission of your masters. That's what we have today = crony-capitalism and a sort of quasi-fascism. In building a regenerative system, this should be more clearly understood and represented.

  12. The earth is your blood system and cell. You are living inside the greatest cell and nucleus that is the earth and ozone layer. Stop thinking only could explaining for everything. Amazing the Creator!

  13. Thank you to the creator and all the brilliant speakers in this movie.  You truly are gaia representing herself.  Thank you gaia for being the reason I, these people, and the person reading this exist.  I'm now going outside to feel my connection.  Better than wifi.

  14. GREAT DOC that is a realistic way for mankind to survive. It is in fact the only way as the way we are headed is a destiny to disaster is we maintain THIS WAY we are going now

  15. Human civilization reminds me of a three-pack-a-day smoker with 5 coronary arteries that are 90% blocked who just killed his doctor. We're up against some pretty fucking steep odds here.

  16. mother nature has a way of cleaning up the waste an one day she will so man will soon out do his self.

  17. Tecknowledgy is killing the earth why do we need to keep inventing shit ? Doesn't it ever stop,i dont need a flatter tv or phone,i dont want google glasses,who are these idiots that keep making new shit,JUST STOP ENOUGH

  18. I love this presentation, well done and important information for this world, for mankind. We must change or we are doomed as a species. We might leave a mess but Mother Earth will move one without us, clean up eventually and balance. The Earth might be better off with out us, Nature would be better off without us. We are not good at sharing, we are not good neighbors to other species and we think the Earth is an endless resource that can be used and abused. We must change!

  19. do you think buying let's say 5000 litres of fuel in advance would have some merit? we have a farm – it would give us 10 years' worth of using farming equipment, if we did it sparingly.

  20. So Chomsky is now a climate scientist? Leave the political hacks out of the next video please. Less division makes more momentum.


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