Sledgehammer Games decided to hide a “Kilroy Was Here” Easter Egg on every multiplayer map in COD WWII! This video shows all of the secret Kilroy locations, be sure to check the links below! 😀
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  1. Saint marie due mont also has a kilroy on the side of a building out of the map and on london docks there is another kilroy in the middle the boxes on the side you climb up and see the birds jump up and you will see kilroy on the side of the wall

  2. I found one in a war map when your invading ohama beach he’s in the coms area behind a ladder but that was befor a new update so they might of moved it

  3. kilroy will now be on war maps because the soldiers have mostly just arrived to that location to fight, therefore they would not write “kilroy was here” because they are to busy fighting in the “war”.

    maybe they will once they are done fighting?

  4. I was hoping a guy would help you in the first mission in campaign and he would storm the beach with a bow and sword and his name would be mad jack 😀

  5. There might be 2 kilroy's on each map, I mean… On Saint Marie Du Mont there's one outside the map, as well as on Flak Tower, there might be 1 that you can only see on the inside of the map, and one that you can only see from outside

  6. I hope the hidden Kilroys become Sledgehammers teddy bear and hide him on every map in future CoD games they make.

  7. GO TO MY CHANNEL AND ON MY STREAM IT TOOK ME AWHILE BUT THERE IS 2 ON EACH MAP!! If you make a vid on it then tag me.

  8. On the war maps, there could be a killroy on the tanks or on the DDay map it could be on one of the boats. It makes sense for it to not be on any of the walls because the Americans haven't actually been there yet.

  9. I actually saw the "Kilroy was here" painted on a tank on a train in my hometown. I live a couple miles south of a big military vehicle manufacturing site, and every month a train comes through carrying tanks, humvees, and other military vehicles to the US Army Reserve base in Inkster Michigan. And one time I saw a tank with the Kilroy thing on it. I just found out what it was from this video, before I thought someone just graffitied it.

  10. Where the fuck are the dogs these killstreaks suck. Please explain also where are the people in head quarters wtf

  11. How about killstreaks in this game? For what i have seen killstreaks are weak as shit. Paratroopers are recruit bots. Carpet bomber get's you 2 kills. A cod with shitty killstreaks will die off very quik. These killstreaks are not rewarding to fight for. Only the turret is good. This will hurt the game if they don't fix this. High killstreaks needs to be overpowerd.

  12. I have a question. Why isn't the COD "community" talking about the BS issues with this weekend? Glitching servers, servers crashing, no double XP. Let's not talk about the lack of notifications when you give or receive commendations. The fact that there are certain challenges not tracking progress. WTF?!?!? WHY isn't anyone talking about this. I've sat quietly back and waited. I've been playing COD online since MW. AND, I've never experienced this shit before. WHY isn't anyone talking about this?!?!?


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