ALL HAIL THE BUCKSHOT | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay


I believe that RS2 has the most satisfying shotguns out of any FPS game that I have played… The buckshot is just psychotic

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  1. havent played since launch but I remember back in the day the double barrel used to be insane. Id literally snipe kids from 200 yards with it

  2. watching the death at 10:17 was so painful. That shed has m60s in it, he easily could have ran back, gotten it, and go on a tear.

  3. Shotguns in this game are lowkey real good. Like buckshot rekts people. And slugs on the double barrel can be a lot of fun.

  4. I'm late. I know. Been too busy. I finally used that shooty last week. It saved me. 4 guys rushed the building I was in capping & I fire two shells off & to my suprise, I killed all 4… that was an enjoyable thing & the range is a handy thing to have. Its can kill from a long distance. Love it. But you demostrated all that.

  5. 14:51 "My dick pussy in you're mom" wot the hell RS2 Vietnam Toxic DLC map OMEGALUL and the weird scream hahahaha in 14:53 xd

  6. The cheeks got served again the buck shot crazy good gg break the vices see u next time ⭐⭐⭐⭐👍👍👍👍👍👍 i also liked the vid

  7. Buckshot definitely op and I'm living every second if it sawn off is so much more satisfying. You should try it out

  8. Ryan says”I actually got up here in 1 life”.
    That’s so funny because of how many times I die at The B and C objectives so much on that map

  9. Your content is great. I watched your RTS stream for the first time the other day and was thoroughly entertained. Keep up the great content!


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