ALF (Sega Master System) – Best Ending Playthrough


Last week’s stream theme was “Awful Sega Master System Games,” and they don’t get much more awful than ALF. Here we aim for the secret “best” ending, mostly to avoid playing the game’s final stages, which are horrible. The ending we get is ALMOST worth it. Almost.

This episode was originally broadcast on 12/28/16 via the Retro Pals Twitch channel. Join us every Wednesday at 7 PM Central for friendly chat and in-depth discussion about gaming history!

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  1. Music in this game is very reminiscent of "Takeshi's Challenge". Gameplay is not far off too, by the way.

  2. I hate this game so much that it made 'Alex Kidd' feel tolerable for tens of minutes until I was begging for an intermission.

    Also, I just realized I could watch the Twitch archive in theater mode to catch all of chat's great goofs and figured I'd let any other huge nerds know. <3


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