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Welcome back! It’s day two of the Nerd’s “12 Days of Shitsmas” Today the Nerd is reviewing ALF for the Sega Master System!
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This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 123


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  1. SMS: cart is inserted
    (at SMS recovery)
    SMS: "All i felt was searing pain as the game started. nearly killed me. Who designed this shit?"
    (LJN is not to blame for once)

  2. "What kind of town is this where there's a pedophile on every block?"
    checks outside, comes back in with half my face gone

    "stockton California for sure"

  3. Nerd you should go to the kitchen and pick salami from the fridge which is the only weapeon for Alf in the game , I'm not kidding Alf fight bats with a salami sausage

  4. 2:06 I actually learned what that is, the SMS can't mirror sprites so you can either have both left & right sprites in memory which uses up too much space in one go typically or you switch the whole set of animation from a left to a right version dynamically which is likely that pause/flicker. SMS can mirror background tiles though and the NES is the opposite since it can mirror sprites but not background tiles.

  5. "What kind of town is this where there's a pedophile on every block?" Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, that's what.

  6. I was curious and played this game. The Nerd really undersold how incredibly bad it is. Seriously, it's one of the least functional, least enjoyable pieces of "entertainment" I've ever experienced.

  7. “GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN YOU FUCKING SICKO!!!” I have never laughed that hard from an angry video game nerd video this one takes the cake 😂🤣 1:12

  8. This show ended on a cliff hanger and the end was never filmed, so the cannon ending is Alf getting taken by the government, killed and experimented on.

  9. I'm watching an episode of AVGN about ALF. ALF. ALF!!! You're 93 years old and you don't know what ALF is!!!??? Piece of crap!!!

  10. Funny SNES had better colors and textures than Genesis, but Master system had better colors and textures than the NES.
    Had sega chilled out and not discontinued the dreamcast, i think they could have survived the way that nintendo did.
    Nintendo couldnt keep up with Sony and Microsoft so they went in another direction.
    In my opinion, Dreamcast could have been the other direction. That library of games, contoller, and VMU still holds up today. Had they kept production and made fun, arcade style games until the next generation; they could have really made a bigger mark.
    I mean, gamecube was extremely limited compare to ps2. While ps2 was extremely limited to Xbox; but it still persevered.


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