AD BLITZCRANK TOP – Vs Sett – League of Legends Full Game Replay Commentary


Guide and More Below!

AD Blitzcrank was a thing I’ve piloted from time to time, taking build ideas from Prim0, a high-ranked Blitzcrank Top Main. Since it seems he’s stopped playing it, I tried to make my own build given the new items, and new passive. Here’s an example game which shows an early kill, yet also what to do when you’re an idiot and set yourself behind.

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Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity OR Bloodline
Coup de Grace OR Last Stand (Last stand pairs well with bloodline/more lifesteal/more mana)

Manaflow Band

This is a mana-greedy rune page to alleviate Blitz’ mana problems WITHOUT being forced to build for it. It also empowers mana barrier. With these runes, you can go without Tear/Manamune, allowing you to not miss early game power and win lane.
Alternate Rune Pages in the MOBAFire guide!

Let me know what you think, what your builds are, and what you’re interested in seeing or trying out yourself in the comments below!

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  1. Hey I’m a member of prim0’s very small discord server, he plays only ARAM and TFT because his ping is not good enough for soloq. Just wanted to let you know he says he’ll be back at some point 🙂

  2. I'm a big theorycrafter, currently on a League of Legends break, but I came across your videos, I like them a lot !

    I was thinking that I could make you two builds and two rune pages for your Blitzcrank top, it would be a pleasure for you to try them, hope you enjoy them.

  3. Just found out you can disable shields with ult… Shocked to see a full health TK shield gets one shotted by my ult yesterday

  4. Nice vid man, tbh I’d love to see more blitz since I love the character but I hate support, so seeing your gameplay really helps!

  5. I have no clue why i got you recommended, but your vids are pretty chill. Can you do a vid on trading/wave management in general?

  6. I need to learn how to blitzcrank top because my friend tried it, failed, and told me it was impossible. I need to prove him wrong lol


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