A Wii U Promise Finally Fulfilled 9 Years Later! (Clubhouse Games Secret)


Remember the Wii U E3 reveal? Even if you don’t, Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics does! As it’s hiding a secret easter egg that references the 2011 reveal trailer…and even builds upon it! We show off the surprisingly real secret in Renegade, Checkers, and Chess!


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  1. I want Ludo to do this! AND use joycons to do it as well while hd projecting.. holding a button first, of course

  2. WAIT HOLD ON!!!
    I was always under the impression that only the Joy-Cons themselves had gyroscopes and motion sensors. Not the actual switch unit itself!?!? Unless I'm missing something!?!

  3. OMG! 😲 NOW I REALLY WANT CLUBHOUSE GAMES: 51 WORLDWIDE CLASSICS! TOO BAD I HAVE TO WAIT 4 DAYS…. 😭😭😭😭 P.S I Don't Have Any Digital Money. 😏😏😏 Still I'll Love This Game When It Comes Out. 😍

  4. Poor WiiU, it really is underrated… When we lost our tv remote, it was there, when I wanted to prank my friend by placing blocks on Super Mario WiiU, it was there, When I had diarrhea and was stuck on the toilet, it was there… Last but not least… When I ran out of toilet paper, oh boy was it there.

  5. This does me no good. I have a Wii U, but no Switch.

    This is nowhere near enough to convince me to buy one, still.

  6. Hopefully there's an undo option, for those who were actually winning, or simply if the titl was done by accident.

  7. Me: "So, what's the best thing you like about Clubhouse 50?"

    Andre: "Let me show you!" Tilts his Switch "Wheeeee!"

  8. Hold on, the switch has its own gyroscope?
    Seems kind of redundant since the joy cons come with motion controls but, alright I guess.

    Edit: Well sure ok, makes sense for Labo VR, I wonder for what else though.


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