A quick guide to the Fibber pistol


Hey guys people have been asking about the fibber pistol and which variant is the correct one so here is a quick little guide I made to teaching you how to fibber. If you learned something from this be sure leave a like and if you have suggestions for any future guides leave a comment. 🙂

List of prefixes by Loot Turtle –
Written Fibber description by Loot Turtle –

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  1. ,Has anyone come across an invisible machine gun,I found one once by accident and then lost it. Was never sure if it was real or a game glitch.

  2. Bset fibber I have come across was one with electric properties. Used it thru almost 10 levels of character progression on a play through until it became useless.

  3. But there's a reason it's called the fibber. The fact that it doesn't actually have the stats stated


  4. Quest farming this gun is horrible, if you get the non elemental ricochet barrel that's already a good catch, If you got an elemental ricochet barrel lucky you, if you get a redundant ricochet barrel congratulations, if you got an elemental redundant ricochet barrel OMG its a miracle!


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