8 Repeated Voice Lines You Need to Hear a Few More Times


Hey! Listen! Sometimes games reuse voice lines so frequently that they become seared onto our frontal lobe with a red hot cattle brand. Usually it’s the case that there simply wasn’t enough voice acting recorded to fill a 30 hour game full of repetitive combat, but sometimes it’s a scenario where the line itself is so weird that it stays with you forever. Either way, here are eight of them we thought you might like to hear again. Enjoy and subscribe for a video like this every Thursday!

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  1. "Never should have come here!"
    -Random lvl 3 bandit upon seeing the lvl 47 Dragonborn in all Daedric armor, wielding a massive Daedric battleaxe

  2. Dunban and Melia in Xenoblade have a lot, but honestly, many of the after battle conversations are great
    Also Reyn Time

  3. Here are some obscure ones:

    "Tis beyond our reach!" (When trying to interact with anything) -Mask of Eternity, the awkward stepchild of the legendary Kings Quest series.

    When the voice assistant notifies you that somewhere on the entire map a natural disaster has or will occur, even though 95% of the time it will not impact your base -Outpost 2

  4. Ahem, I'll have 2 number 9s, a Number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, 2 number 45s one with cheese and a large soda

  5. how about all the "Out of mana" and "not enough rage" lines in world of warcraft? Sure they are race and gender specific, but whatever you're playing, it is going to drive you to insanity whatever line you're hearing when your trying to spam a button until it cast.

  6. I met ERIC IDLE in california. Lovely man. He shook my hand and signed my things with the biggest smile you've ever seen…I thought he'd be taller 🤔

  7. Pard!!!
    Hey pard!!!
    (Really wish she would shut up…)
    (Hunting horn doots up beside her head.)
    Here Deviljho she is your problem now. 😉

  8. "Ranger …!" Or "Manfilth…!" – every orc captain in Shadow Of War / Shadow of Mordor. I know, I know you orcs are extremely racist or speciesist(?) against the soft skin pink skinned men-folk.

  9. What about the guy who wanders Red Dead Redemption 2, yelling Gavin repeatedly? The amount of times I killed that guy, only for him to respond and continue yelling is crazy.

  10. "Woohoo! We're alive! Let's celebrate by eating something dead!"

    Prompto is best boy but that gets really annoying in the Menace dungeons

  11. "Alright… I'm feeling it!" -Shulk, Xenoblade Cronicles
    "You will pay for your insolence!" -Boss That Is A Major Spoiler, Xenoblade Chronicles
    "TORIYAH!" -Ganondorf, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    "EEE" -Angela, Trials of Mana
    "You're wasting your ammo!" -Colonel Volgin, MGS 3: Snake Eater
    "Take this! " -Miriam, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
    To name a few of the many. Look; I understand that in order for people to communicate in battle as a party, you have to say where you are, or what you're doing, since we're not a hive mind. This is why mochi makers have to shout as a guy slaps the rice goo in time with someone pulverising it with a hammer. But is going "HAUGH" as you slash an enemy, alone, really necessary?
    I more just hate games that don't allow you the option to turn off voices at all.

  12. Firstly: “I’ve come up with a new recipe!” -Ignis, FF15
    Now then, Metal Gear Rising is chock full of these but to me the best are Raiden telling any and everyone to “F*CKIN DIE ALREADY” and Sundowner screaming “I’M F*CKIN INVINCIBLE”

  13. "It's no use!" "Taaaaake This!"
    -Sonic 06

    "I fEeeeeEL NOTHING"
    -God of War I think

    "Tsul Tsul!"

    -Early Tomb raider


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