7 Days to Die: Gavin Joins the Game (#3)


Our nugless heroes are horrified to find they will have to start this episode at night.

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In this episode: Gavin discovers art, Michael studies iron, Jeremy crafts a new weapon, Jack looks for a new project, and Ryan explains negging.

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  1. So despite the update, those dimwit dipshit developers still havent fixed: 1. The stun bullshit when a zombie first hits you. 2. The hitbox bullshit and 3. The horseshit where you break your fucking leg for walking down a 45 degree incline.

  2. It's Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator! It's got electrolytes!


  3. I keep getting a recommended video 'history buff: saving private Ryan' and thinking Ryan got trapped by zombies somewhere before I realize it's completely unrelated

  4. I’d build a structure far away and draw a swastica say nothing about it and wait for everyone else to find it.

  5. Glad Gavin is back. Gavin da homie, as much as u guys hate on him lol. N he takes it so well… hahaha, u guys have some f'n classic moments.. ur on to something w this, the team videos..

  6. Hahahaha. I mean, Jeremy describing neighbor having purple lights, my first thought was 'Meth Lab.' Even before he said something. Didn't even question. Gavin and Ryan's confusion made me realize, yeah no. There is no logical connection there. I wonder why thought same thing as Jeremy…

  7. Someone should make a fence around themselves on night 7. Gavin was on the bridge of love and was protected from zombies by a fence.

  8. You guys talking about that phrase for guys insulting women.

    When guys say "You would be a lot prettier if you just smiled!"

    I always reply.

    "Oh thanks honey! You would be a lot more handsome if you talked less!"

  9. I had no clue Mr. Gatty's still existed. The one around here shut down 15 years ago for health code violations…

  10. Sure enough gloaming is a real word. Who knew watching youtube videos would be better for my vocabulary than 8 years of vocabulary classes.

  11. Ryan: "Oh, Michael, you've been here this whole time?"
    Michael: "Well, you gave me the food."
    Ryan: "I didn't realize you followed me."
    Michael: "Yeah."
    Moral of this story: Feed a man and he follows. lol

  12. Ya ever wonder that Ryan has the vibes of that kid that was really annoying and no one liked, but grew up to be an interesting and funny man

  13. Jack and Ryan are 100% the parents of the house. Geoff's the weird uncle or cousin and the lads are the annoying children


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