5 Minute MAIN MENU Unity Tutorial


Hoo boy, this was more of a challenge I wanted to do myself, was getting tight on time near the end.

I wanted to try to show how to setup something every game needs, a main menu, in as concise of a way as possible in a Unity Tutorial. I also tried to explain additional things like general UI advice in Unity, as well as Scene management (loading different scenes) and how scenes are built into the project. I know the pace is pretty quick, but hopefully this helps you out!

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COMMENT if you have any questions or want to tell me how I went slightly over 5 minutes (does intro and outro count? I’m unconvinced)

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  1. For those having an error with SceneManager make sure the top of your script has this statement:

    using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

  2. Very good tutorial,it would be helpfull if you could do one where you show how to make a scene play selector for more levels.Ly <3 no homo

  3. My back button is still showing on the main menu and only disappears after opening options then going back. Any help?

  4. i copied it word for word please help me unity is giving me 2 errors
    AssetsMainMenu.cs(5,34): error CS1002: ; expected
    and AssetsMainMenu.cs(6,48): error CS1003: Syntax error, ',' expected

  5. I need help only the exit button work after making the option button work, and that does not even work

  6. god damn, how much do I pay to get your brain and knowledge?

    you need to get on Udemy. First sub right here

  7. Help ASAP! I am on my Main Menu scene and I can't interact with any of the buttons they aren't even highlighting!

  8. next time, please dont skip things, it was very hard to follow you when you are like aaaaand i did some things off camera. some of use are trying to learn how to do this and it is hard when you just skip to another part with no visual

  9. I did It just like you but the "back" button is visible in the beginning… when I go to settings I can tap to Back (So from here I am back at the MainMenu) and the "Back" Button is gone "how it should be" unless I go to settings… why?

  10. I am having issues
    I made the script and put it in the on click function but the but when I try to add a function and go to the Menu it doesnt show me neither Play function or Exit function
    What do I do?

  11. im having trouble, i started my game before i made my menu, and when i try to start the game with the menu implimented i cant see my mouse nor can i click anything

  12. Wasted hours watching long ass videos that don’t even explain what I’m looking to do which all it was, was a simple two clicks from where I was stuck 😑 damn you coding, thanks tho 💯 this gets a thumb & sub

  13. I was having issues with the scene changing even though I have the build, so I tried it with just a simple print(“pressed”) and it did not return anything to the console. Any ideas?

  14. help code dosen't work
    using System.Collections;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;
    public class Mainmenu : MonoBehaviour
    public void PlayGame()

    public void QuitGame()

  15. there is issue in adding image to source image ???
    why not you explain the exact formate of image or any other thing related to it ?????

  16. Does this Tutorial Not Work With Unity 2019.3 Because My Whole Project Keeps Saying I Can't Build Or Enter Play Mode Until I Fix All Compiling Errors, Even When I deleted Everything In My Scene. (The Game Just Started, I'm Still Only On The Menu.)

  17. i ran into issue. the start, settings, and quit button are still together. can you tell me how you separated them so nicely`

  18. My camera can't see UI. I made a sprite and it appears well, but when I import something from the UI the camera don't show it.

  19. Can someone please tell me what program u can use to make the actual background for the main menu and the title

  20. Hey can you help me w/ something? when i tried to put all of the buttons on the "On click " it doesnt work, how did you select everything?

  21. This video is legendary. This is too much help, I'd normally have to go through 20 videos to find this much useful information. Thank you very much!

  22. Having a issue with the button function… I click on no function, then MainMenu, but there is no PlayGame or QuitGame like the script..


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