21 Things To Do BEFORE Traveling Abroad ✈️


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Hey guys! Hope you find this video helpful in preparing for your international trips. When I first started to travel, I had no idea about a lot of these to-do’s! There was a lot of winging and learning on-the-go. Years later I’m here to lay it all down in a concise and organized manner as possible. It might sound like a ton of things to do, but some tasks you only need to do once in awhile. For example, U.S. passport holders are required to renew every 10 years. With every trip you take, everything gets easier with practice! Wishing you safe travels wherever you go, sooner or later ♡

Note: This video is sponsored by Care/of. All opinions are mine.


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  1. I am watching this video now in these days 😂 but trust me, i think i got enough ideas to travel anywhere in future. You are awesome. I love those videos where i can get something in return like learning or related and my dear you are just doing amazing you are giving a piece of advice. There are lot of people who will think that this is very basic things that we have to carry, but sometimes in some hurry or rush we can forget something. So, it's good to make a list while you are going anywhere in world. ♥️

  2. This is kinda silly, but me and my best friend are planning to be traveling abroad for 3 months in sophomore year.. which is a while from now but I still want to do it. We are watching these videos now to get into it, y’know.

  3. Enjoyed the travel tips! Living in Australia for a study abroad has been my favorite travel experience. I have also enjoyed my trips to places like Belize, Cuba, and the Galapagos Islands.

  4. I just want to be in your shoes for atleast a day, you seem to travel to all the fun places and just add more excitement to it!!!! >u<

  5. Excellent tips. Thanks. Worried that someone would have too much info if luggage is lost. I took a sticker label, wrote my First name, last initial, junk email and cell. Stuck it to the inside wall of the luggage. I also have a pic of passport on my cell. I only keep one copy of my printed out passport which I usually keep with my other travel docs.
    For new international travelers I recommend to simply print out a checklist, and follow it. If something on the list does not apply to you at least you have a visual way of seeing you don't need it or it was done. I just came back from Japan this month first trip there. I didn't need a Visa from US. Checked it off list. Sweet etc…


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