2019 Honda CBR 300R | First Ride


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  1. I have a VFR 800 and am looking into maybe picking one of these up as a secondary lightweight around town bike. Good review, very informative. 👍

  2. You also reviewed the 2015 CBR300R and didn't seem to like it so much. What are differences between the 2019 and the 2015 you reviewed that makes this much so much better? I thought the specs were the same.

  3. I own a 2011 CBR250R & have been very happy with it, I'm thinking about picking up a new CBR300R where the power is well improved over the '11 250R, I'm glad Honda has decided to keep the analog tach on the new 300R. My '11 250R only has an aftermarket fuel / ignition controller which is an excellent choice of engine mod one can buy for the money to power improvement ratio even on a bone stock '11 250R, Honda was very conservative with the engine management on the 250R. I would like to have a Grom though I can pick up a new 300R for a few hundred more than the Grom & the 300R is a full fledged highway capable bike.


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