2018 CBR500R: Five Things You Need to Know


Honda’s known for its iconic lineup of CBR sportbikes – the CBR600RR and CBR1000RR are two of the most legendary sporting motorcycles to ever grace a racetrack. Look deeper into Honda’s product lineup however, and you’ll find Team Red has a host of other models also wearing the CBR nameplate. Here, we’ll take a look at the CBR500R. A 471cc parallel-Twin, the 500R represents a stepping stone to the bigger, badder CBR models – or does it? After spending some time with it, here are five things you need to know about the 2018 Honda CBR500R.

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  1. Interesting, in my area the CBR 500 is much more affordable than a ninja 400 or ktm 390. Low end torque seems nice too for city driving.

  2. Have owed 7 motorcycles, some much larger, but have enjoyed my 2018 CBR500R as much or more than the others; in fact it is among my favorites. The one improvement Honda made on the 2019 and newer versions not on the 2018 model I would like to have is the gear indicator. Thanks Moto for the solid review. I sure miss those California mountain rides; East coast is not the same!

  3. You're getting a Honda. So you know it is reliable. Plus, it is a forgiving bike which makes it an awesome choice for a starter bike and that's why I bought a 2019. Also, it has enough power to pass most cars on the highway easily without going extra fast. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. This guy lost all credibility when he tried to compare a 500 to a 600rr or 1000rr. And NO Ninja 400 or Cbr500R is going to compete with the torque and power of the 600+.

    I really wish these people would have some common sense and stop downgrading a bike, thinking it's suppose to have the power of a 600-1000. Shake. My. Head.

    But on the plus side, I bought a brand new 2019 CBR 500R and it is AWESOME! Only downside is the first gear that has to be shifted to 2nd very quickly or RPM's get high real fast, but after that just keep it in 4th/5th gear and you're golden. Don't listen to this guy. This thing has plenty of power and will absolutely destroy any hot-rod from 0-60.

    And wtf??? This thing is NOT heavy…jesus. Not even compatible to a CBR 600 RR. 100 lb difference at least…..and price is way less. This guy is full of all kinds of shit. Maybe 2019 changed some things but I find some very invalid things in this vid.

  5. I owned an 1986 Interceptor 500. V4 engine, 68hp, 443 lbs ready to ride. Loved that bike on a track day or twisty back roads (TOTD twice). How does this new 500 compare? Does it surpass a 30+ year old machine?

  6. Ive been riding my cbr500r for a few months now, great city comuter. You do feel that weight difference, my ninja 500 slightly easier to handle in comparison. If you dont plan on highway driving just upgrade the sprocket and the cbr500 feels great

  7. What a crappy review… it gives the reasons not to buy the bike, doesn’t discuss the bike at all… angles, top speed, gearing, twitchy, smooth, reliability…… remind me to not come back to this channel for reviews….

  8. I'm really starting to hardcore pull for this bike to be my first and for a while. It's a Sports Touring application that clearly a lot of people forgot about that style. Keep hearing great numbers when it comes to mpg.

  9. I threw on an olins shock with Dunlap q3 tires and I can keep up with my buddies in the twisters who ride cbr600 and a zx6r

  10. I love your review man. But you really have so little energy when you are talking about bikes. It is like you have ridden them all XD.

  11. i think ill go with the ninja 400. 500 is obviously faster, but i can't see spending $1500 more for 100 cc with same horse power

  12. Why are talking about power? Can it ride at 90 mph easily and bypass aggressive car drivers in a metro??? Thats what you need for a everyday commute bike!

  13. It doesn't have the same performance as the 600 or the 1000. Maybe it's because not everyone live in the USA where you can get a 1000cc (and than kys) right after getting your motorcycle license and you need to stay for 2 years with a bike that has max 48HP

  14. Ninja 400 nose sexier. Slower than 400. 400 rocks on track and street. 400 lighter. My Ninja 400 was $3150 new from dealer.

  15. I owned a CBR500R from 2013. It looks almost the same as the 2018. I LOVED IT, for a couple weeks. If you ever get this inline 2 cylinder, do NOT RIDE YOUR FRIENDS 600'S! You will wanna sell it immediately

  16. Just passed my motorcycle course and now have my permit to ride! I have been looking into getting this as my first motorcycle, seriously cannot wait.


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