2016 Nissan Juke SL – Ultimate In-Depth Look in 4K


Ultimate in-Depth Look in 4K Resolution

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Color: Solar Yellow
Interior: Black
Stock#: N16061
Engine: 1.6L 4 cyls
VIN: JN8AF5MR1GT604498
Transmission: CVT

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  1. Beware: Major Problem with our 2014 Juke SL manufactured on November 29,2013, yet not involved in Nissan Canada Voluntary Campaign to service our vehicle with a known "defective" Timing Chain!. Yet Nissan Canada looks at it as a 2014 model? Not covered under the Voluntary Recall Campaign P-4213 that covers all Juke models 2011 to 2013, Service Bulletin SB-10055923-4231, Valid from Sept. 22,2014 to Oct. 30,2015. Yet the problem of timing chain stretching wasn't discovered until May 5,2014. So I had to pay $2,440. out of my own pocket for the repairs because Nissan looks at mine as being a "2014 Model". That like my son being born on November 29, 2013, and saying that he was born in 2014!!! So why was my Juke not covered under the Voluntary Nissan Recall? Nissan's head office in Canada doesn't have an answer for me. It looks like Nissan has a problem with deciphering between the Model Year and the Actual Manufacturing date!!!

  2. I really am inlove with the Juke. The only thing i can say i didn’t like was red stitching for the yellow car… but that can soooo easily be over looked. And this video was actually really helpful.

  3. I’ve been searching the Internet for a guide review of the Juke and I found your video. Nice comprehensive review man!

  4. I have a 2011 Nissan Juke. Been driving it for 2 years. I have the SL AWD version. I have enjoyed it very much. Have not had any issues and it's pretty fun to drive. It does not have the largest interior space, however if you need a lot of room…you'd be looking at other vehicles anyways.

  5. I just bought myself a juke And im excited to pick it up from the dealership. So many ppl told me to not get it based on its look. But i donttt curr

  6. I own a 2016 SL AWD, treated myself to the rear spoiler too. Birds eye view and ability to change between FWD / AWD vectored / AWD definitely some of the best points. My model does not have the front seat console though, just a larger tray behind the seat heater buttons. Still no complaints as of yet. One thing that should have been noted in the video is that the rear window defrost also triggers the side mirror defrosters.

  7. I don't know why people call this car ugly.
    I absolutely Love it. it is unique and is definitely a head turner.
    Getting the Juke Nismo Rs with 215 Hp soon 😀

  8. Was after something under 20k, but this literally ticks off all my boxes. Might just splurge a bit and get the SL for an extra 6k or so.

  9. Thorough video, but glossed over critical aspects that potential buyers would want to know. The speaker is polite, but we really need to know the potential problems. How does this compare to 2015? Did they fix/respond to consumer input?

  10. Great review very informative. Looking at one for my daughter today and your review helped make the decision. Thumbs up!

  11. "I'm black, not colored, and now confused, and broke – what does Jesus do now… sniffle sniffle"?Make white cream-sickles?


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