2016 Mini Cooper – Review and Road Test


When the MINI Cooper returned to America in 2002 it brought driving excitement and British charm to our shores, along with some rough edges and reliability issues. Now in its third generation, the MINI Cooper has matured, raising the question; can you refine a MINI without endangering its quirky charm? KBB’s Micah Muzio has the answer.

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  1. I owned a 2009 Cooper S from new to 2018. Absolute garbage. Timing chain went at 70,000 and cost me nearly $2k in addition to many many other things. Fun to drive yes, expensive and frustrating also yes.

  2. I loved the mini and bought one. It turned out to be a very unreliable car. After passing 30k, incurred over $8k of repair.

  3. When it returned It was not reliable at all with super expensive parts not a 100,000 mile car at all people remember were not idiots bet this one is no different its crap

  4. I want this to be my first car.. I want the VW Beetle but Volkswagen is discontinuing the Beetle in July 2019… and i start driving in 1 month.. soooo I don’t know if I should get a Mini, or a Beetle.. both r so freaking cute but I can’t have both😕

  5. All this technology and driver assistance and fru-fru accoutrements rob the car of its original British nuts-and-bolts charm.

  6. The cargo space when u need it really is amazing. I have an 03 Cooper s and I fit a 55” flat screen still in the box in the back 👍


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