2016 BMW X6 30d Review | CarAdvice


James and Paul agree on many things, but the 2016 BMW X6 isn’t one of them.

James finds it a luxurious and capable grand tourer, but Paul feels it needs to be more dynamically astute to suit its sporting profile.

Let’s not even get started on the design!

So which side are you on; Team James or Team Paul?


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  1. “Ah it doesn’t have the performance edge does it” Well what do you expect it to be a F1 car it’s a family SUV which weighs 2 tons🤯

  2. Pathetic review, hardy any decent shots of the 'great interior' (mostly close ups) and little to appreciate the exterior styling as well unless you pause the video.

  3. You need to drive it for a few weeks to understand the car how to throw it around like a Focus that's half it's weight

  4. If you don't.like then have your country builds its for you. The last time I checked, Australia built nothing. In fact, the Australian's car market is do small that all auto manufacturers have decided to leave kangarooland altogether. Ford left. Chevy left. Japanese brands left. Australia has become more and more irrelevant for businesses.

  5. I wouldn't mind this car as a forever drive but the Germans design these high end cars crucial components to fail after a standard lease period. Thatcreally fucking hurts me

  6. Hello blue checks! It's not ugly mind your words! Neither its drive like a more practical x5. It's drive like a sports car and we love it

  7. I want x6 quality interior in a X5. Even though they look similar but they are different in interior quality. X6 is little bit more luxurious. Previous X6 looked more sportier than X5 but now other way around.


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