1998 Suzuki GZ 250 test drive review


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  1. Nice moped 🏍 now take that to my grandmas house and tell her you want that but an actually baika and describe to her in detail (if you have a pic even better and in color better still!) but wait! There’s more….and then tell her how you felt when you wanted a bike and saw this one and if you know the parts of a bike or why you want the bike…that’s koo. But even BETTER if you can tell her who it was that inspired you to want one and what they did and bet you she’ll know them. 😇😅😘😁
    I’m just happy that someone thought to customize a moped. Me personally I tried to do the moped thing but I felt like a cheater like it was too soft anyway and too easy and not at all like I earned anything. So I prefer a 20” regular bici but I won’t ride a motorcycle now cz I can’t, there’s too much metal plates in my body so the vibration rattles my muelas and makes it hard to see out of my eye sockets…
    Anyway, good luck! And your bike design kind of reminds me of that WordArt thing where it’s like the soft blow thing and then the solid color inside/outside of that lol it’s right

  2. I took my MSF course on a GZ250. Lots of fun around a parking lot, but I'm 6'1" and ~200 lb, so it wouldn't work too well for me on the freeway. I got a Boulevard C50 after the course and used it to pass the unrestricted size test with no negative marks. Tons of fun. Thanks for the videos

  3. A bike that you'll likely find at any motorcycle school. It's a relatively simple to operate bike without a lot of nonsense involve. If you want something thats just something you can ride on regular streets and dont wanna put too much mileage and money into riding, this is for you.

  4. you can add a +1 front sprocket and make 1st gear actually useful, too. My wife has had one for a few years. The only bad thing about this bike is the tiny little carb will gum up pretty easy. Even when I thought I've drained the carb out good for winter…. This thing proves me wrong.

  5. I have a gz125cc and in the UK I am able to ride this on a cbt (moped license) is the same case in the US but up to 250cc??

  6. The TwinStar is a 185 cc. You work at a motorcycle shop and make vids for them. You really should do your research.

  7. I wanted a fz 07 for a starter .. i ended up with a 09 gz250 .saved my life probably !🤣🤣 got it for 800 bucks with 3400 miles.. mind you im 275lbs and i cruz around town… to and from work… now i wouldnt get in highway…. but it zooms

  8. We used these (I believe the 125cc version) for the MSP course in Pittsburgh. Actually remember dragging the pegs doing the 270° turn exercise in my test lol. Putting the ego aside, it was actually a fun little bike. Would have no shame getting one for little trips around town.

  9. I have the same bike. I have done a carb job and a pod filter. Next is a megaphone muffler. Super fun to jump on and ride around town.

  10. you clearly know-nothing on this bike. its not a moped its a freaking motorbike.. single cylinder, carb injected fuel system, drum back break. you shouldn't make videos you have no clue about.

  11. Shawn SRKCycle would this be a good starter bike for my wife my wife is wanting to get into Riding the closet she has came to riding motorcycles is the 50cc scooter and my street legal Baja Warrior 200 she isn't use to using gears she loves riding my Street Legal Baja Warrior in actually in the process of converting another street legal Baja Warrior into a Baja Warrior Mini Super Moto kinda like the street legal Mini Bike Red Beards Garage Built I started my Oldest son on a Motorized Bicycle and after he rode it for a while I moved him up to a Kawasaki Ninja 250r and he loved it he rode it around for a year and a half and then her found someone who has looking for a smaller bike to start his wife on and he was getting rid of a Yamaha R6 so they Traded head up and who cares if you look Goofy riding the Suzuki gz250 I actually started riding streets on a street legal 110cc Mini chopper I have actually been thinking about starting my wife out on it and once she gets used to riding with gears moving her up to a bike a little bit bigger she's use to using a clutch to take off because I have had her ride our motorized bicycle I'm actually keeping it around so my younger boys can ride and have a way to school and work when they are 15 And 16 like my dad started me on a 50cc Scooter when I was 15/16 so I had transportation to and from school/work because the school bus didn't pick up out where I lived at and my dad was always at work by the time I had leave for school so I'm going to do the same for my boys start them on the the motorized bicycle at 15 at the age 16 move them up to a Moped and get their drivers license and after they show me that they are responsible and take care of their moped I'll get them a TRUCK , SUV , VAN when I was 17 my dad got me my first truck 1988 GMC Sierra 1500 regular cab long bed 2 wheel drive my 18th birthday my dad gave me my 1972 Chevy Chevelle Malibu and my grandpa gave me my 1972 Harley Davidson 900 sportser chopper 7 foot Springer front end at the age 19 I got my 1995 Chevy Astro Conversion van at the age 21 my dad gave me my 1982 Harley Davidson 1200 sportser 25th anniversary I happen to be out Riding around with a good friend of mine on his Suzuki gs650f he also has a Kawasaki zx14r and we stopped by my older brothers house and he had me ride his Suzuki gsxr750 after that I wanted a bike similar to my brothers bike and a good friend Of mine owed me some money and he had a really nice bike and didn't know when he would be able to come up with the money and he knew I was looking for a bike like my older brothers bike so we got to talking and made a deal he gave me the bike he had and we would be even and that is how I got my first Sports Bike my Suzuki gsx600f I also have a Kawasaki kz1100 and my brother has a Kawasaki kz1000 we all have our back up bikes and our Daily Riders both my 1972 Harley Davidson 900 sportser and my 1982 Harley Davidson 1200 sportser's are stored in Michigan at our vacation house next door to my parents house

  12. I recently got a 2007 gz250 for $900 at 7,600 miles. Great bike. Kinda outgrowing because i got it to learn on but still like it. Ive barely hit 65 going downhill. Youre almost always going to get passed up by traffic on a 250. And they dont like going uphill too well. Looking into a 93 nighthawk 750 for later on. 20hp to 75hp is a big jump lol.

  13. Perfect bike for beginner raw noobs. Cheap, no problem if you drop it, sell it when your ready and get some of your money back.

  14. Need urgent help! Is it bigger than Honda Rebel 250? I have two sellers asking same price and same year for Honda Rebel 250 and Suzuki gz250. If they are both same size, I will go with Rebel because its closer to my house.

  15. maybe going to buy one of those, but the red one 😀 Ive got german simson s51 and its very ok but its only 50 but also i am looking for a 400 or 350 so i dont really know if i should buy this one, or get another one.


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